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Rebearth Cabarete

... is an experimental land, inspiring and nurturing inner growth with awareness and authenticity, living in harmony with nature. Presence and bliss through nature and a balance of stillness and movement. 
A place of magic and transformation. 

1.5 acres of tropical paradise 
on the north coast of the Dominican Republic 


The Vision 

Rebearth for me means the rebirth of mother earth (rebirth + earth = rebearth) which “our” beautiful planet is going through right now - and with her us as humanity and all other living creatures as well.

The Land  

I bought a beautiful piece of 6.300 m2 of land on the north coast of the Dominican Republic where I will welcome you to find presence and bliss in nature. Natural off-grid accommodations available soon. 

Meet Kathi

Who is the face behind Rebearth? I am Kathi (originally from Austria). Find out more about me and my story and vision. 


Practice meditation, breath work and yoga with me in paradise. Calm your mind and nervous system, become aware of your breath, connect to your practice and experience the numerous benefits of all limbs of yoga - beyond the physical asana poses. 
Vinyasa - Yin - VinYin 


Are you curious about taking your first steps into this amazing sport? Or you are already up and riding wanting to try your first jumps? I will guide you on your personal salty and windy journey.  IKO certified. All Lessens with insurance and equipment included. 

Natural Off-grid Living 

The first natural accommodation will be ready approximately in winter 2024 to welcome you. It is already possible to book your stay with us - get your 20% early bird promotion deal. 

Holistic Being With Horses  

I offer Equine Facilitated Coaching and Holistic Horse Experiences around Cabarete. The focus lies on the relationship one can build with a horse that is based on trust, understanding and real, authentic connection. 
Curious about this insightful and unique experience? 

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Simplicity - Authenticity - Sustainability 


... is to share my passions with you, inspiring and nurturing inner growth with awareness and authenticity

Your Experience 

presence and bliss through stillness and movement in nature

Yoga - Breath Work - Meditation 
Off grid lifestyle


I found the land, fell in love and started the legal process of buying it at the end of April 2022. Now nearly 2 years later the land is long officially mine and the first important steps have been made: fencing the property, starting to create a food forrest, first compost toilet, experimenting with the building technique of wattle & daube, installing a solar system and putting water pipes into place for watering the trees and later on to have running water on the different parts of the land, the first wooden platform for the bell tent. Roof for the tent, outdoor kitchen, bathroom and chill lounge are planned as well as the first guest house and yoga platform. 

Like with any new project - there are bigger investments to be made at the beginning and I've been moving forward with a good pace. At the current stage I would be super grateful for any financial help  to be able to continue to move forward with the project and hopefully be able to move there full time after the current high season. 

Does the concept of Rebearth resonate with you? Are you already excited to come visit and immerse yourself in the Rebearth experience? Would you like to stay in one of the guest houses, practice yoga and kite with me? Bathe in the waterfall? Then here’s your deal: You can already book your stay now and in that way help me to continue in the first building phase. 

Or if you would like to become an investor? That is also an option. Please reach out to me in any case to discuss ideas.