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I found the land, fell in love and started the legal process of buying it at the end of April 2022.

Now I am fully immersed in the first building phase. Like with any new project - there are bigger investments to be made at the beginning.

Does the concept of Rebearth resonate with you? Are you already excited to come visit and immerse yourself in the Rebearth experience? Would you like to stay in one of the guest houses, practice yoga and kite with me? Bathe in the waterfall?

Then here’s your deal: You can plant a fruit tree in the food forest, already book your stay or become an investor and in that way help me to kickstart the first building phase.

Find out more below and check out the timeline of the different phases on the bottom of this page. 

Early Bird Promotion 

Pay now and get 20% on top of the amount for your stay at Rebearth in the future (once we are ready to host you).

for example: 

pay 750 get 150 on top 

pay 1000 get 200 on top 

pay 2000 get 400 on top 

and so on 

The amount you pay can be used for the whole Rebearth package - accommodation, kiteboarding lessons, yoga, meditation and breath work classes, Reiki and energy work, tropical paradise off grid experience.

The first accommodation will approximately be ready for you in  2024. Check out the timeline on the bottom of this page for details. 


You are excited about the project and would like to help kickstart Rebearth with a bigger amount but not necessarily come to visit us in return? Looking for return on investment? Or maybe you have other ideas? 

I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch personally to discuss possible investment options and see how we could make it work for both sides. 


Phase 1

April 2022:

* purchase of the land 5100 m2

August 2022: 

* create permaculture design of the land

* talking with suppliers in Dominican Republic
 *order 5m glamping Bell tent

September 2022:
* bought additional 1200m2

December 2022:
 * first landscaping work - small diggings
* planting fruit trees at boundaries land to create future food and privacy 
* getting materials and tools 

January & February 2023: 

* fencing Property with "piñon" 
* digging work 
* planting lots of trees 

March  & April 2023: 

* building first little structure (wattle & daub) to be the home of the solar panels, inverter & battery

May & June 2023
* installing the solar system
* water and electricity pipes
* installing pump

July 2023
* wooden platform for the bell tent

August 2023
*wooden platform for the chilling area and kitchen

CURRENT PHASE - financial help appreciated to realize this phase :) 
January - May 2024

* Build outdoor bathroom with shower, banana circle for grey water treatment and dry compost toilet - with roof 
* create an outdoor kitchen with roof 
* internet 
* move to the land permanently / full time and operate from there 

Phase 2

from summer 2024 onwards: 

 * creating first guest house 
* yoga platform 
* start receiving first guests 

Phase 3

from 2025:
* creating guest house 2 & 3 
* natural swimming pool 
* chill and fun area in the lower part close to the river 

 * expand food forrest 

I will do everything in my power to make your visit an experience you will never forget. Those who met me in person know what I stand for and what Rebearth will become.

Thank you for showing interest in Rebearth, I highly appreciate you. 

Let's meet soon in Cabarete!